14-Day Racial Equity & Social Justice Challenge

As a member of Bishop Caggiano’s Ad Hoc Committee Against Racism, I strive to work daily to learn how to be an ally to black and brown people as well as work to dismantle the racist attitudes that are a part of me, a result of my privilege, my upbringing. A friend passed along a program promoted by the Darien YMCA, created by Spokane YMCA called the 14-day Racism challenge. I signed up as part of my Lenten intentions focusing on my own sinfulness and a desire to ‘Love Thy Neighbor’.

This is an impressive challenge and program; I strongly encourage folks to participate. It is free, self-paced, and available to all.  This is an easy commitment to make because it is necessary. An overview of a specific topic/terminology (see below) is introduced each day. There are learning options related to each overview that provides an opportunity to dig a bit deeper based on how much time you have in a given day. Each topic is followed by something along the lines of “Do you have 5 minutes? Watch this short video clip, 10 Minutes?  Read this blog, 15 minutes or more? Here is an in-depth article.” It is a great first or second step of many.

This is a ‘challenge’, it is presented in a user-friendly format but the content can be uncomfortable. Racism is uncomfortable! I am learning a great deal and grateful for this program. This 14 Day Challenge is designed to be shared among friends, family, colleagues, universities, corporations, and beyond. It’s a great start to a lifelong commitment and journey. Reflection is encouraged and helpful. If it seems hard, good! But please remember “It’s a privilege to learn about racism instead of experiencing it.” (Day 6)

YWCA Spokane’s 14-Day Racial Equity & Social Justice Challenge

You can walk through the challenge by visiting the links below.


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Kelly Weldon