Pastoral Care Funds & Ministries

Established to nurture and reinvigorate the diocesan approach to life-long formation as well as enhance pathways of discipleship for parishioners, seminarians and priests who journey in growing closer to God and sharing the 'good news' about our Catholic faith. Foundations in Faith focuses on Pastoral Care ministries that prioritize the importance of evangelizing and reaching out to our brothers and sisters. We strive to be compassionate and advance the dignity of all especially the most vulnerable in our Catholic parish communities; our youth, our elderly, our differently-abled and the oppressed.

St. John Paul II Fund for Religious Education and Faith Formation

The St. John Paul II Fund supports the work of faith formation, young adult ministry, and parish religious education programs throughout the Diocese of Bridgeport through parish and program support, Youth in Action, and mini grants.

In 2022, Foundations in Faith awarded $114,500 to 20 Parish faith formation programs through the St. John Paul II Fund's parish support grant program and $27,500 to two Diocesan ministries to support faith formation for parishioners and priests at all Parishes. Total distributions equal $142,000.

St Charles Borromeo Fund for Vocations and Seminarians

The St. Charles Borromeo Fund supports young men discerning and pursuing a call to the Catholic priesthood. These grants are available to support  Redemptoris Mater SeminaryDiocesan seminarians, and the Diocese of Bridgeport Office of Vocations.

In 2022, the St. Charles Borromeo Fund awarded $31,000 to Redemptoris Mater Seminary, $418,400 to Diocesan Seminarians, $154,600 to Office of Vocations, and $5900 to Blessed McGivney for Seminarians. These ministries welcome and support young men in their education and discernment for their vocation to the priesthood. A total of $609,900 in funding has been distributed.

St. John Vianney Fund for Retired Priests

The St. John Vianney Fund supports the needs of retired clergy in the Diocese of Bridgeport. Grants from this fund support organizations like the Catherine Dennis Keefe Queen of the Clergy Priests Retirement Residence.

In 2022, the St. John Vianney Fund awarded $196,300 in general operating support to the Catherine Dennis Keefe Queen of the Clergy residence in Stamford, CT.


St Elizabeth Ann Seton Fund for Catholic Schools

The St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Fund provides financial resources to keep tuition costs and increases low at Catholic schools in the Diocese of Bridgeport. Grants from this fund are exclusively available to the Diocesan Office of the Superintendent.

In 2022, the St, Elizabeth Ann Seton Fund awarded $265,000 to help fund marketing and a new director of curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

St. John Bosco Fund for Special Needs in Catholic Schools

The St. John Bosco Fund supports the needs of students with learning disabilities and other specialized educational needs at Catholic schools in the Diocese of Bridgeport. Grants from this fund are exclusively available to the Diocese of Bridgeport Office of the Superintendent.

In 2022, The St. John Bosco Fund was awarded $50,000 to support the director of curriculum, with a focus on enhanced services for students with special needs; inclusive of professional development, assessments, and interventions in Catholic schools.

St. Catherine Center for Special Needs Fund

The St. Catherine Center Fund supports the emotional, educational, and spiritual needs of students with disabilities whose needs cannot be met in a mainstream school setting. Grants from this fund are exclusively available to the St. Catherine Center for Special Needs.

In 2022, Foundations in Faith awarded $33,500 to the St. Catherine Center to help fund the vocations worksite program.

St. Therese Fund for Evangelization

The mission of the St. Therese Fund for Evangelization is to support the creative and exciting work of sharing our Catholic faith. In these efforts, the fund supports bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ into our daily interactions and seeking to convert individuals and society with the Gospel itself.

In 2022, the St. Therese Fund for Evangelization awarded $87,000 to the Catholic Bridge, Christlife, Communio, Guild of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, and Veritas Catholic Radio to support evangelization efforts throughout the Diocese.

Lourdes Fund for Pastoral Care

The mission of the Lourdes Fund is to support Pastoral Care services at three nursing homes previously owned by the Diocese of Bridgeport: St. Camillus Center in Stamford, St. John Paul II Center in Danbury, and St. Joseph Manor in Trumbull. By supporting the spiritual and faith formation needs of the elderly, the pastoral care teams can provide peace and comfort to the residents through Masses, visits, Bible studies,  and more.

In 2022, The Lourdes Fund awarded $31,100 for pastoral care at the three nursing homes.


St. Francis Xavier Fund for Missionary Parishes

The St. Francis Xavier Fund provides resources -- both financial and human -- to partner with pastors to build long-term sustainable parishes. This fund strives to alleviate the financial burdens of urban churches that exhibit strong leadership, are pastorally vibrant, and reflect outstanding Missionary outreach. The goal is to empower Pastors to focus on nurturing and growing their ministries and furthering the work of evangelization and renewal, while ensuring that facilities are functioning to meet the future needs of the parish. The fund also builds bridges between pastors, parishes, and parishioners to better appreciate and cherish our Diocese's diversity. 

Grants from the St. Francis Xavier Fund are available to Diocesan quasi parishes, as well as Blessed Sacrament ChurchThe Cathedral Parish, St. Charles Borromeo Parish, St. George Parish, St. Peter Church, St. Joseph-St. Ladislaus Parish, St. Mary Parish (Stamford), and St. Mary Roman Catholic Church (Bridgeport).

In 2022, The SFX Fund has approved awards in the amount of $274,700.