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Help enhance our Catholic faith by supporting fresh approaches for youth groups, religious education, growing vocations, supporting our active and retired Priests, investing in Catholic education inclusive of special needs and diferently-abled students, senior ministries for our elderly, Missionary Churches, discipleship, evangelization and more. Learn more about our nine funds.


Foundations in Faith is the corporate successor to Faith in the Future fund. Learn more about the history of Foundations in Faith and what has led us to this important moment.

Grant Opportunities

Parishes and ministries have the opportunity to apply to receive grants to support programs in religious education, evangelization, as well as other pastoral initiatives and ministries.

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Ensuring the vitality of our church demands immediate and ongoing efforts to listen, learn, connect, create, leverage and partner. Investments in time, talent and treasure will create furtile ground to plant seeds of discipleship. In our parish ministries, we must innovate, increase our evangelization efforts to welcome folks to come to or in some cases return to participation in parish life. Forming young people committed to Christ requires the reimagining of faith formation and the expansion of meaningful youth ministry programs. Our seminarys must continue to welcome, educate and form men for the priesthood, and as a Catholic community we will embrace our commitment to provide for the needs of our retired priests.

In our community, we must continue to show God’s love to those with intellectual and developmental disabilities; and meet the spiritual needs of the elderly living in nursing homes. Foundations in Faith will empower the Church in Fairfield County to support, strengthen and build collaborations to enrich our varied pastoral ministries.

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Fr. Juan Gabriel Acosta will be offering Mass for the St. Francis Xavier Fund’s generous donors and committee members who donate their time and resources to support the fund’s mission. Will we see you at St. Augustine Cathedral on December 3?
Clock’s ticking! Be sure to get your Youth in Action grant application in by 11:59 pm tonight!
Only two days left to apply for Youth in Action! If you’re still thinking about it, now is your chance! Visit to get your application in today!
Three days left to apply for a Youth in Action grant! It’s now or never, so start your application today at
There’s still time to apply for a Youth in Action grant … but there’s only a few days left! Get started on your application today at!
We’re getting down to crunch time. Only ten days left to apply for a Youth in Action grant. Visit our website to get started today!
We’ve reached 200 followers! We’re so excited for our online platform to continue growing!
Foundations in Faith is excited to announce its collaboration with NESC on a pilot program to build capacity at our missionary parishes! And special thanks to St. George Parish in Bridgeport for agreeing to pilot this new program.
As we announced yesterday, the Lourdes Fund is officially active! And at our September board meeting, Foundations in Faith approved a grant for each of the three nursing homes under its purview, totaling $32,000. Congratulations!