Our long-serving priests rely on the generosity of the people of the Diocese for much of their care and support. The St. John Vianney Fund creates a strong support system to care for those who cared for us for so many years.

In 2021, Queen of Clergy Priests' Retirement Residence in Stamford received $50,000 in general operating support from the St. John Vianney Fund.


About Our Namesake

St. John Vianney was a French Catholic priest, most well-known for being the parish priest of Ars. He was beatified in 1905 and canonized in 1925 by Pope Pius XI.

He is the patron saint of parish priests and confessors. During the Year of the Priest declared by Pope Benedict XVI in 2009, the Holy Father encouraged priests to strive for spiritual perfection, saying Vianney was "a true example of a pastor in the service of Christ's flock."

His feast day is celebrated August 4.