St. Francis Xavier Fund for Mission Churches

This fund provides support for parishes in the Diocese deemed pastorally vibrant, exhibiting strong leadership with meaningful ministries, essential to the Diocesan community yet located in economically stressed areas.


In 2020 this fund distributed $230,000 in COVID-19 Emergency Funding to 11 Parishes.

Additionally $25,000 in a Capacity Building Building funding has been distributed to Blessed Sacrament Church                for technology and communication system enhancements.

The St. Francis Xavier Fund  (SFX) Committee  is exploring a significant Capital Improvement project in an urban city.

Opportunity:  To provide resources to Parishes in the Diocese of Bridgeport that operate in communities impacted by inequities in housing, education, healthcare, employment and opportunity.

Overview:  The St. Francis Xavier Fund (SFX) within Foundations in Faith strives to support vibrant Parishes in our Diocese that are dealing with heavy economic burdens.

SFX has numerous opportunities to consider, ranging from shovel-ready capital projects to capacity building opportunities. The Catholic faith believes in justice and care for our brothers and sisters.  Investing in these opportunities will help offset the disparities evident in Fairfield County and within our Parish communities.

  • Shovel-Ready Capital Projects: includes funding outdoor stages and altars, water damage remediation, boiler and pipe replacements, expanding religious education classrooms and meeting spaces.
  • Capacity Building Projects: offers Parishes opportunities to enhance their building capacities. We are currently working with a Parish on their technology and communication structures to improve engagement with parishioners and enhance office operations.
  • Emergency Funding in response to unexpected crises. The SFX was quick to respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic by distributing $230,000 to Parishes hardest hit by closures. We are poised to support our Parishes when crises occur.

Proposal:  Our Catholic community cares deeply about the vulnerable and underserved parishioners within the Diocese of Bridgeport.  Financial issues and facility repairs are consuming our priests’ time and energy. We have identified the following opportunities to assist them:

  • Shovel-Ready Capital Projects:
    • New Boiler - $25,000 - $75,000; depending upon size of Parish
    • Outdoor Altar at the Cathedral Campus - $25,000
    • Snow Removal/Lawn Care at Cathedral Campus - $11,000
    • Water Damage Abatement- $400,000+
  • Capacity Building Project costs vary by Parish but range from $5,000 - $25,000.
  • The Emergency Fund is strengthened by donations of any size. The average grant to Parishes has been $20,000.