Grant Types and Funding

Foundations in Faith offers four types of grants to support pastoral care ministries in the Diocese of Bridgeport.

  • Program support grants have a competitive yearly application cycle and are open to all Diocesan programs and ministries provided they meet the criteria for the fund from which they're requesting a grant. These grants are available through the St. John Paul II Fund for Religious Education and Faith Formation (parish support grants and Youth in Action grants), the St. Catherine Center for Special Needs Fund, the St. Therese Fund for Evangelization and the Lourdes Fund for Pastoral Care at Catholic Nursing Homes.
  • General operating support grants are non-competitive grants offered by invitation only to ministries selected by the Curia based on strategic visions or Diocesan priorities. These grants are offered through many of Foundations in Faith's funds.
  • St. Francis Xavier Fund grants provide financial support to urban parishes deemed vital to the Diocese but face continuing socioeconomic stressors. This financial assistance is provided in a number of ways, such as fiscal stability grants, technology and communications grants, emergency need grants, and capacity building grants.
  • Mini grants range from $500 to $2,000 and are awarded to ministries that fit the mission of any of Foundations in Faith's funds and demonstrate exceptional innovation or exceptional need. They are available on a rolling basis by invitation only. Prospective applicants must speak with a Foundations in Faith staff or board member prior to submitting an application.