Grants & Awards

There are 9 Funds created to support the mission of  Foundations in Faith. Five of these funds are currently active and distributing resources. They are; St. John Paul II Fund supporting Religious Education & Faith Formation, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Fund providing resources to keep Catholic education tuition affordable, St. Charles Borromeo Fund for our seminarians, St. John Vianney Retired Priest Fund and newly added is the St. Francis Xavier Fund for Missionary Parishes.

Upon successful completion of the We Stand With Christ Campaign, the interest on the endowments will begin to distribute resources to the "not yet active" funds which include: St Therese for evangelization, St. Catherine Center for Special Needs providing pastoral and educational support for individuals with disabilities, St. John Bosco Fund for students with learning disabilities in the Diocesan Catholic Schools, and the Lourdes Fund to support the spiritual needs of residents living in Catholic Nursing Homes

Pastoral Care Ministries will have opportunities to apply for resources through a competitive grant process known as the Program Support Grants other Funds will be set up to distribute resources through the General Operating Grants by awarding grants to established Diocesan entities deemed a priority by the Curia and aligning with the Funds various missions. Capacity Building Grants focus on infrastructure and sustainability initiatives.

2020-2021 Distribution Report FIF YTD Distribution Report FY 20-21

2020-2021 Grantees FIF 2020-21 Grantees

Program Support Grants for Parishes: Open to all who meet criteria, competitive process, annual grant cycle, application, review by Grant Review Committee, mid-year report, final report, numerous midsized grants in a funding range of $1000-$10,000.

  • Annual Grants: Open to Parishes or Groups that meet the criteria
  • Mini-Grants: Open to Parishes or DOB programs that meet criteria, funds are for specifically stated purposes, applications are accepted on a rolling basis, reporting is less formal. Smaller grant amounts range $500-$2000, limited number. (Mini-grants are tools to leverage or encourage a specific methodology and outcome. These mini-grants stimulate creative thinking and have tremendous impact. They are often responsive to unanticipated situation. Examples could include; youth designed projects, youth ministers collaborating, Parish justice initiatives, response to a crisis, leadership development, peer learning and “teach backs” for individuals who attend conferences, retreats, workshops.

General Operating Grants:

  • Not competitive, by invitation based upon recommendations from the Curia aligning with strategic vision and prioritized objectives.  A notification will be sent in January to the various Diocesan organizations with an invitation to apply. DOB organizations invited will submit a request for funding consideration in February. The requests will be reviewed by a small committee who will recommend funding to the Foundations in Faith Board of Trustees. Approved funding will be transferred in July at the start of the fiscal year. Supervision of the use of funds will be overseen by the Curia Leadership.
  • FIF examples- St. Charles Borromeo Seminary Fund, St. John Vianney Retired Priest Fund, St. Elizabeth Seton keeping Catholic school tuition affordable, St. John Paul II funding for the Leadership Institute, St. Francis Xavier Fund for Missionary Parishes - ministerial, capital improvements.

Capacity Building Grants: Grants that focus on building sustainability and organizational health. Often involves a strength-based assessment and partnering with a consultant with a focus on teaching and providing tools to enhance specific organizational areas of need.

  • FIF example – Mission Churches Communications and Engagement Initiative


Some funds use one type of grant, others use a hybrid of all three. Please contact Foundations in Faith at with questions