Youth Ministry Programs Adapt During COVID

Foundations in Faith supports St. Peter’s Youth Group with a JPII Fund grant. We are proud to share this story that recently appeared on the Diocese of Bridgeport website.

St. Peter’s Youth Group Come Together to Worship and Give Back

DANBURY—Even during this difficult time, teens at St. Peter Church in Danbury have found ways to safely come together for worship and to give back to their community.

Teens who are a part of St. Peter’s school leadership program (CREW) have been volunteering on Thursdays to help make sandwiches for Dorothy Day House, and on Sundays to help with registration for next year’s classes.

“Even in a pandemic, we can all still lend a helping hand!” says Mike Falbo, director of youth ministry at St. Peter Church.

Every other week, some of St. Peter’s high school and middle school teens participate in a private Mass just for them. Twenty teens are allowed to be present, and some are involved in the liturgy as lectors and ushers.

“A special thank you to the parents for putting their trust in the Lord and bringing their children back to the church, allowing the teens to receive Christ present in the Eucharist. As well as a special thank you to Father Mecca for taking time out of his Sunday to be with us!” Falbo says.