COVID-19 Emergency Fund for Parishes


The St. Francis Xavier Mission Church Fund will be announcing the Grant Criteria and the Application Process in the next few days.

On March 31st, 2020, Foundations in Faith Board of Directors approved an Emergency Funding proposal put forward by Bishop Caggiano. “In light of the extraordinary crisis that we are facing, it is proposed that  portion of the St. Francis Xavier Fund for Mission Parishes be made available to grant limited emergency financial assistance to those parishes that face an immediate cash liquidity problem due to the COVID-19  Pandemic”. The reality is our churches have been ordered to be  closed for safety reasons; thus they are not able to pass the basket for weekly collections. These collections pay fixed cost bills such as utilities, staff salaries, internet for remote communications, even basic needs such as food for our Priests. Our Parishes are making drastic cost cutting decisions. They are levering loans, grants and government assistance but for some churches that will not be enough. On-line giving mechanism are being put in place, yet we recognize many folks will be impacted by this crisis too.

In the next few days, the St. Francis Xavier Committee will set forth the criteria and process for parishes who meet the criteria to apply. For more information, contact Kelly Weldon at