Foundations in Faith Adds New Talent to the Board of Trustees

On October 10th, 2019 the Foundations in Faith Board of Trustees unanimously and enthusiastically voted to approve two new directors- Ligia Masilamani and Diane Kremheller. Ligia is a wonderful addition to the board as she brings with her tremendous experience in social service program delivery and working with the disenfranchised. Foundations in Faith is about Pastoral Ministries. As Bishop Caggiano states, it’s a journey of encounter and accompaniment. As such, it is refreshing to have a voice on the Board with expertise in the best practices, ethics and resources related to working with our elderly, our isolated, our multicultural and economically challenged Catholic communities.

Diane Kremheller brings a needed and unique representation to our Board; the voice and perspective of Young Professionals and Millennials. Diane’s accounting and finance skill set will be a valuable asset to the Board. Additionally, Diane is a young adult striving to build a Christ focused community of peers. The program she has co- created called “Catholic Adventures” is a prototype we all need to understand and strive to replicate as it is meeting an urgent need that exists across the country. We are excited to have Ligia and Diane join the Foundations in Faith team.