St. Joseph Manor springs into 21st century

Last year, Foundations in Faith launched the Lourdes Fund for Pastoral Care at Catholic Nursing Homes, which would financially benefit three nursing homes previously owned by the Diocese: St. John Paul II Center in Danbury, St. Camillus Center in Stamford and St. Joseph Manor in Trumbull.

When it came to pastoral care at St. Joseph Manor, Sr. Elizabeth Linh Nguyen felt the nursing home’s residents could benefit from upgraded technology. The coronavirus pandemic made it difficult both for residents to gather for Mass in person and for their loved ones to visit. As such, Sr. Elizabeth asked for funding for technology that would allow residents to livestream Mass and connect with their loved ones both near and far.

After a few months, Sr. Elizabeth received an iPad, which she could use with residents to call friends and family, and even to attend events virtually. Later the same week, Sr. Elizabeth and St. Joseph Manor received a visit from Raffaele Scotti of the Diocese’s information technology department to set up the other, larger devices Sr. Elizabeth had requested.

Following Scotti’s visit, St. Joseph Manor is now firmly situated in the 21st century. But more importantly, its residents can now participate in many of the activities they enjoyed prior to the pandemic’s onset – like attending Mass and connecting with family and friends.

Taking care of the elderly physically is one of the most important things a nursing home can do. But it’s also important to ensure their emotional and spiritual needs are taken care of as well. And thanks to pastoral care staff like Sr. Elizabeth, the Catholic nursing homes benefitting from the Lourdes Fund can ensure residents remain well in every sense.