With a Deep Commitment to Justice, this Foundation Invests in Our Youth, Our Elderly and the Vulnerable. Pt. 1

By: Kelly Weldon, Director

Foundations in Faith supports Pastoral Care ministries in the Diocese of Bridgeport. Nine funds distribute funds to invigorate our Catholic faith. Funding for vocations, seminarians, active and retired priests is a priority. Foundations in faith is also deeply committed to enhancing discipleship thus investing in Faith Formation and evangelization programs in the parishes and at the Diocesan level. With a deep commitment to justice, the Foundation also invests in our youth, our elderly and the vulnerable with grants supporting the works of our Catholic Schools, urban Parishes, and Pastoral Care teams in nursing homes.

In FY 2022-23, Foundations in Faith provided three grants benefiting Catholic Schools.
• The largest grant awarded was distributed to the Superintendent’s office in the amount of $265,500 to offset administrative costs reducing tuition costs for all families.
• A grant in the amount of $50,000 was awarded to support services for special needs students attending Catholic Schools.
• A grant in the amount of $33,500 was awarded to support St. Catherine Center for Special Needs

Foundations in Faith is pleased to partner with the Diocese of Bridgeport Catholic Schools providing a total of $349,000.00 in grant awards.

Van purchased with FIF grant money

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